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SafePoint Brings Backup to Aid in Drug Dealer Apprehension

Dear Locus,

As a routine user of the SafePoint Radio Location System, I thought you may want to know of a recent incident which confirmed the importance of your company’s product.

On September 30, 2006, one of our Patrol Officers was involved in a street encounter which rapidly deteriorated into a physical altercation with a known street-level drug dealer who has a lengthy violent criminal history. Because of the nature of the incident, the Officer had very little time to clearly advise his location over his handheld radio. At best, his transmission was hasty and unintelligible.

As officers scrambled to what they believed to be his location, they were unable to find the Officer. I then quickly checked the screen on my onboard Mobile Data Terminal and, by using your system, was able to pinpoint the Officer’s location to a nearby trailer park. As a result of this, we were able to find the Officer, who was still engaged in a fight with the suspect and assisted him in a safe apprehension.

If not for the accuracy of the SafePoint system, it would have been difficult to locate the Officer in a timely manner. As you are well aware, Officer safety is of the utmost importance to our agency and I appreciate your constant efforts to ensure that your system is functional and accurate. Again, thank you for your tenacity.

Sergeant Nelson Moya
Uniform Services Division – Palm Bay Police Department
Palm Bay, Florida