DiagnostX by LocusUSA


DX-2002 Series

The DX-2002 series is an Over-the-Air Radio Waveform Analyzer identifies, analyzes, and verifies the alignment and field performance of any portable or mobile radio in a network 24/7 without user interaction – while the radios are operational and deployed in the field. It is sold to local, state, and federal government customers with a one-time license fee, granting a not-for-profit perpetual license to the government user according to the terms of the EULA.

The DX-2002 series has a 2U form factor. It is half the height and 40% lighter than the DX-1000 series. Along with upgraded hardware, the DX-2002 has a new friendlier user interface and reporting capabilities. The DX instrument may serve as a master unit with up to three (3) NX-200 remote receivers networked to provide system-wide coverage. All the results are sent back to the DX unit and seen in one consolidated view in the DiagnostX Viewer (DV) console.

DX-2002 Series Features

DiagnostX Viewer

  • Color-coded to show status at a glance
  • Search box to locate an individual radio by ID
  • Columns sort ascending or descending
  • Shows the total number of radios in the database
  • Displays active base station receive frequency
  • Tabs for individual categories (Failed, Passed, Never Received, etc.) or for ALL radios in one comprehensive view
  • Filters on specific radio ID ranges

Reasons Failed and System Status

  • System Status Reports: Total radios pie chart and Reason Failed bar graph
  • Users can export reports and print

Thresholds and site configuration

  • Automatically calculates Rx Path Gain or Loss at the receive antenna multicoupler
  • User-defined thresholds, settings are changeable on the fly
  • Records maintenance history of all radios with a date/time stamp

Control Channels

  • The predictive population of Tx and Rx frequencies pairs
  • Auto-detection of radio network Control Channel rollover

waveform visualization

  • Time-domain waveform
  • Frequency domain over appropriate FCC Mask

DX-2002 Series Specifications

  • Available Frequency Bands: VHF (136 – 174); UHF (375 – 430), (450 – 470), (470 – 512); 700, 800, 900 MHz
  • Available Protocols: P25T, P25C, DMR, NXDN, EDACS, SmartZone/SmartNet, MDC1200APL
  • Encryption: AES-256
  • Sensitivity: -117 dBm (10dB s/n)
  • Connector Type: SMA Female/Requires SMA Male Connector
  • Environment: Temperature: 0 – 40°C (32 – 104°F)/ Humidity: 10 – 85% @ 40°C, non-condensing
  • Power Requirements: Single AC Universal Power Supply/100V – 240V, 50Hz – 60 Hz, 1.0 AMP Nominal
  • Dimension:
    3.46” H x 19” W x 18.9” D
  • Weight: ~27 lbs.
  • Hardware: 19” Rack Mount

DX-2002 Models

DX-2002a: Single Protocol/Single Frequency Band

DX-2002b: Single Protocol/Dual Frequency Band 

DX-2002c: Dual Protocol/Single Frequency Band

DX-2002d: Dual Protocol/Dual Frequency Band

DX-2002e: Dual Protocol/Three Frequency Bands