DiagnostX by LocusUSA


How Does
DiagnostX Work?

DiagnostX is a patented technology comprised of proprietary hardware and software
running on a customized PC that measures alignment parameters of the received
waveform of portable and mobile radios over-the-air in real-time without user
intervention while in use in the field. It is the only solution of its kind on the market.

Watch the video to learn more about how DiagnostX by LocusUSA works and how it
can benefit your organization.

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What does radio Diagnostx do?

  • Monitors and measures all active radios on a network Over-the-Air in real-time without user intervention
  • Proactively helps you manage all of your radios in your network
  • Multiple receivers may be networked to provide system-wide coverage
  • It is efficient. Saves time and money
  • Improves personnel’s safety by ensuring all emergency responders can hear and be heard
  • Eliminates the need to bring ALL your radios to the shop for testing and service

How does it improve customer service?

  • Proactively prioritize the scheduling of radio maintenance
  • Helps ensure clear communication and easy maintenance
  • Improves user confidence that their radios will work properly

what are the
cost savings?

  • Most radios don’t need repair. Empirical studies show that approximately 80% of radios brought in for preventive maintenance are found to be no-trouble-found (NTF)
  • With fewer radios to service, technicians can be more productive
  • With DiagnostX only problem radios are brought in for service while properly aligned radios and First Responders stay out in the field where they are needed most
  • It effectively eliminates the need to schedule annual maintenance on every radio

DiagnostX Benefits

  • Determines whether communication problems are on the subscriber radios or the network
  • Evaluates every radio on the system, 24/7/365, without user intervention
  • Identifies both problem radios, and properly functioning radios
  • Provides detailed reports for each radio in real-time
  • Enables management to proactively contact agencies or individuals to schedule service
  • Reduces the number of radios scheduled for service by as much as 80%
  • Can cut costs by 50% or more depending on the number of units (based on a 30% failure rate)
  • Frees technicians to focus on system issues that need attention
  • Keeps properly working radios and personnel out in the field where they are needed
  • Cuts down on the number of after-hours call outs
  • Allows system managers to measure and evaluate the quality of communications across various departments, agencies or groups
  • Is non-intrusive to the network and operates over a long-range (5+ mile radius for 3W portables)
  • Generates reports that can be shared inter-departmentally
  • Data obtained can be used in planning and budgeting
  • “Real-time” reports ensure radios are operationally ready
  • Verifies FCC narrowband performance

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