DiagnostX by LocusUSA


GSA Schedule Contract GS-35F-268BA

DiagnostX is the only system that can assess the health of two-way radios over-the-air in real-time, all the time. No need to spend precious time and funds testing healthy radios.

This first-of-its-kind technology uses airwaves to determine a problem before it becomes an emergency by capturing and assessing a radio’s transmitting waveform. Bench techs can immediately scan and evaluate radios without bringing them in for service. Faulty radios come in for maintenance – healthy radios stay in the field.

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Part NumberDescriptionMSRPGSA Price
DX-2002aDiagnostX Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer, Single Protocol, Single Frequency Band$54,900GSA Price
DX-2002bDiagnostX Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer, Single Protocol, Dual Frequency Band$57,900GSA Price
DX-2002cDiagnostX Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer, Dual Protocol, Single Frequency Band$69,500GSA Price
DX-2002dDiagnostX Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer, Dual Protocol, Dual Frequency Band$72,500GSA Price
DX-2002eDiagnostX Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer, Dual Protocol, Three Frequency Bands$75,500GSA Price
DX-PRO-UPGDX Protocol Upgrade$19,900GSA Price
DX-EXWTYDiagnostX Extended Annual Maintenance$4,900GSA Price
DX-3Y/P25UPGDiagnostX Extended Annual Maintenance, Protocol Upgrade Bundle$14,700GSA Price
PX-900CDiagnostX Portable P25 Conventional Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer (Silver Case)$37,795GSA Price
PX-900TDiagnostX Portable P25 Trunk Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer (Grey Case). Limited Features as Compared to the Trunk DX-2002 Series$43,795 GSA Price
PX-900XDiagnostX Portable Dual (FM Analogue + P25 Conventional) Over-the-Air Waveform Analyzer (Black Case)$42,500GSA Price
PX-EXWTYPX-900 Extended Annual Maintenance$1,900GSA Price
MX-3000DiagnostX Master Unit, One Protocol$45,000GSA Price
MX-3000cDiagnostX Master Unit, Dual Protocol$50,000GSA Price
MX-EXWTYMX-3000 Extended Annual Maintenance$4,900GSA Price
NX-200DiagnostX Remote Receiver$38,900GSA Price
NX-200bDiagnostX Remote Receiver, Single Protocol, Dual Frequency Band$41,400GSA Price
NX-200cDiagnostX Remote Receiver, Dual Protocol, Single Frequency Band$54,900GSA Price
NX-200dDiagnostX Remote Receiver, Dual Protocol, Dual Frequency Band$57,400GSA Price
NX-200eDiagnostX Remote Receiver, Dual Protocol, Three Frequency Bands$59,900GSA Price
NX-PRO-UPGNX Protocol Upgrade$16,000GSA Price
NX-EXWTYNX-200 Extended Annual Maintenance$2,900GSA Price
DX-AFCAFC Meter Module for DiagnostX DX Series$9,800GSA Price
NX-AFC-AAFC Meter Module for DiagnostX NX Series (Quantity: 1 – 3)$8,820GSA Price
NX-AFC-BAFC Meter Module for DiagnostX NX Series (Quantity: 4 – 9)$8,330GSA Price
NX-AFC-CAFC Meter Module for DiagnostX NX Series (Quantity 10+)$7,500GSA Price
DN-FRQ-UPGDX/NX Frequency Upgrade$3,000GSA Price
DX-DV-LITEAdditional Copy of DiagnostX Viewer Software with Limited Privileges for One (1) PC$799GSA Price
DX-CASETransportable Wheeled Pelican Case$499GSA Price

Warranty Terms on all DiagnostX Instruments.