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Hit and Run Perimeter Managed with TrackerX System

Dear Ms. Jensen,

On December 15, 2005, officers responded to a hit and run with possible injuries at the corner of Babcock Street, N.E. and Charles Boulevard, N.E. Officers were looking for the suspect’s hit-and-run vehicle and located it at Georgia Street, N.E. and Pigeon Avenue, N.E. abandoned and heavily damaged. Weapons and a ski mask were located just inside the vehicle leading the officers to believe that a burglary had recently occurred.

At this time officers set up a perimeter east of I-95, north of Malabar Road, west of Babcock Street, and south of Nebraska Street. It was during this time I started using the SafePoint TrackerX System to help keep track and verify where the officers were. Also during this time, K9 officers had responded and I was also using the SafePoint TrackerX software to verify their location.

This perimeter lasted for approximately an hour and a half, and three male suspects were taken into custody. Having the SafePoint TrackerX System was an easy way to see where all officers are located at once.

Thank you.
Cathy Beolet
PSAP-OC – Palm Bay Police Department
Palm Bay, Florida