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Assessing the Effects of Two-Way Radio Failure

It exposes the hidden dangers of radio communication failure before the issues transform into tragedies for both first responders and the public.

MELBOURNE, Fla. – LocusUSA, a leader in radio frequency capture for radio analysis and location, announced today the release of its latest white paper entitled, Assessing the Effects of Radio Failure in High-Risk Incidents: A Guide for Public Safety Agencies.

This white paper reveals why radio communication is paramount to public safety preparedness, and lack of training is rarely the problem. The real issue lies with malfunctioning communication equipment and the historical fix it when it fails approach to radio maintenance. Even brand-new communication systems are susceptible to failure due to poorly maintained radios. Most often, these problems remain hidden until the equipment fails. What is worse, when a failure occurs, it can create a gray area that results in radio system managers spending hours of trial and error chasing down the source of the issue before they can begin fixing it.

Highlights of the white paper include:

  • Analyzing the Evolution of Public Safety Communications
  • Uncovering the Hidden Danger Lurking Inside Your Radio
  • Recognizing the Causes of Radio Frequency Drift
  • What if Your Radio Has Automatic Frequency Control?
  • Assessing the Impact of Radio Frequency Drift in High-Risk Incidents
  • Mitigating Radio Frequency Drift
  • How Does Your Agency’s Maintenance Schedule Stack Up Against the Status Quo?
  • Which Maintenance Method Makes More Sense?
  • Evaluating the Next Steps

“We have taken an innovative approach to illustrate in this white paper the importance of why an agency needs to provide maintenance annually for their radio fleet,” said Joseph Rey, manager partner of LocusUSA. “No matter the situation, clear and reliable communication will always be a non-negotiable necessity.”

Visit LocusUSA’s website to download the white paper:

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About LocusUSA
LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company in West Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida since 2001. It is a leader in radio frequency capture for radio analysis and location. The ability to capture and analyze the actual waveform of a radio transmission led to the development of DiagnostX, a patented system that can measure the alignment and operating characteristics of a radio, long-range over-the-air in real-time without user intervention.

LocusUSA supports government customers across the United States and Canada on the local, state and federal levels with this first-of-its-kind, proactive tool, ensuring the optimal performance of a radio system.