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LocusUSA Expands National Footprint of DiagnostX to Government Agencies in the Western United States

DiagnostX: An innovative approach to proactive radio maintenance without having to touch every radio.

MELBOURNE, Fla. – LocusUSA, a leader in the area of RF capture for radio alignment analysis and location has experienced a recent increase in sales growth of their DiagnostX family of products to government agencies in the Western United States.

DiagnostX identifies radios in need of service by measuring their alignment and operating characteristics long-range, over-the-air in real-time without user intervention. This unique patented technology is non-intrusive to a radio system, and multiple units can be networked to provide system-wide coverage.

“We have designed DiagnostX to handle the complex issues of how agencies can provide maintenance to their radios on a regular basis, but have kept it easy to implement and use,” says Joseph Rey, managing partner of LocusUSA.

The first agency in California that began using DiagnostX, as a proactive solution for their radio maintenance needs was the Bay Area Rapid Transit, known as BART. It is a rapid transit public transportation system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. DiagnostX provides coverage to 121 miles of track and dozens of underground tunnels and stations for BART.

Other government agencies have quickly followed suit by using DiagnostX, as a way of providing proactive radio maintenance to their subscriber radios. These agencies include:

  • The Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska
  • The City of Phoenix, Arizona
  • Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), California
  • The City of San Diego, California
  • The City of Glendale, California
  • The City of Roseville, California
  • Contra Costa County, California
  • Adams County, Colorado
  • Weld County, Colorado
  • Clark County, Nevada
  • Washoe County, Nevada
  • Department of Transportation, Oregon
  • The City of Seattle, Washington
  • Pierce County, Washington

In previous months, the State of Colorado, Riverside County in California and Douglas County in Colorado have all acquired DiagnostX multi-unit systems, instead of a single unit for their agencies. These systems include a DX series or MX-3000 Master Unit with several NX-200 remote receivers in a networked configuration to ensure continuous system-wide coverage of their radio systems. The DiagnostX networked system is ideal for larger county-wide, state, and regional LMR systems.

The DiagnostX system has made quite an impression on the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado since it was installed to monitor the Pikes Peak Regional Communications Network. “Servicing all the radios in the system is immensely time-consuming. I estimate that it would take two people three months of every year to go out into the field and check every radio. It also inconveniences the radio user,” said Randy Bell, former Communications Manager for the city’s Department of Information Technology Communications, which oversees maintenance of the 5,500-plus radios in the network. “DiagnostX is another tool that helped us do more with less.”

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About LocusUSA
LocusUSA is an engineering and software development company in West Melbourne on the Space Coast of Florida since 2001. It is a leader in radio frequency (RF) capture for radio analysis and location. The ability to capture and analyze the actual waveform of a radio transmission led to the development of DiagnostX, a patented system that can measure the alignment and operating characteristics of a radio, long-range over-the-air in real-time without user intervention.

LocusUSA supports government customers across the United States and Canada on the local, state and federal levels with this first-of-its-kind, proactive tool, ensuring the optimal performance of a radio system.

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