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What Customers Say About DiagnostX

We are constantly seeking input and feedback from our customers and from prospects who have participated in on-site demonstrations. Take a look at what they have to say about DiagnostX during a recent round of interviews.

Improves the Quality of Communication

“DiagnostX improves the quality of communication between radio subscribers and dispatch. It resolves issues of whether communication is a problem on the network/dispatch or the individual radio. The reports generated are distributed to subscribers indicating problems and encouraging them to have their radios checked.”  Dan Gorton, System Manager, Pikes Peak Regional Communications Network, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“You can find the problem radios on your radio system before they find you.” Doug Blevins, Radio Communications Manager, Charlotte County Fire/EMS, Punta Gorda, Florida

“We can identify if radios are out of specification and know if it’s the radio or the system. This is especially important in rural areas where there is a low signal. We can tell if the problem is in the radio or the system.”  John Daly, Telecommunications Manager, Collier County, Florida

Provides Better Service

“We expect to provide better service and ensure that radios are functioning properly at all times. In the past, the agency purchased technology to re-align radios which eliminated the need to send radios out to a vendor radio repair shop. However, radios first had to come into the Service Desk with a reported problem before they could be re-aligned. Now we can be proactive an identify problem radios out in the field and bring them in for repair.”  David Schwartz, Deputy Director of Technology, Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency (MECA)Indianapolis/Marion County, Indiana

Saves Time and Money

“DiagnostX should reduce radio repair costs and the time a radio is out of service for repair. We have now identified and recalibrated dozens of radios that probably would have been out for repair without the DiagnostX data. This would have cost thousands of dollars at $450 to $500 each if they were sent out for repair.”  Thomas Bortle, Public Safety Communications Supervisor, Town of Colonie Police Dept., Latham, New York

“This saves time and money.  Servicing all the radios in the system is immensely time-consuming. I estimate it would take two people three months of every year to go out into the field and check every radio. It also inconveniences the radio user/subscriber. It’s another tool that can help us do more with less.”  Randy Bell, Communications Manager, Dept. of Information Technology Communications, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and partner with the Pikes Peak Regional Communications Network.

DiagnostX reduces the number of after-hours call outs. It saves money if you have a large number of radios by identifying those that most need to be checked. Otherwise, we would have to go through the system to identify the small number that actually needs repair.” John Daly, Telecommunications Manager, Collier County, Florida

Supports Network Management

“We can take a look at, analyze and manage our entire inventory of radios across a broad network of independent users, agencies and departments without actually having to touch the radios.” John Daly, Telecommunications Manager, Collier County, Florida

Increases Public Safety

“In public safety, life could be saved by having the best communications possible. DiagnostX catches small problems before they become bigger.”  Doug Blevins, Radio Communications Manager, Charlotte County Fire/EMS, Punta Gorda, Florida

“During an emergency situation, radios have to perform. There’s no time to fix them.  We can avoid problems in the field by not having failures during a major incident. It also keeps people in the field by identifying problem radios, replacing them and keeping the team in the field while they are being worked on.”  John Daly, Telecommunications Manager, Collier County, Florida