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DiagnostX – Over The Air Diagnostic Tool is Now Available

The first ever OVER-THE-AIR radio waveform analyzer lets you identify sick radios and keep the healthy radios in the field – which saves radio management departments time and money.

System managers and radio maintenance personnel can now detect potential or existing problems with any mobile or portable trunked radio in the field thanks to DiagnostX, a revolutionary new technology that functions as an “over-the-air” bench technician.

The brainchild of Locus Location Systems engineers, this first-of-its-kind technology enables public safety departments, governmental agencies, and other emergency or first-responder organizations to monitor and diagnose the health of their radios and networks over-the-air, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from their radio service shops.

Constant and consistent monitoring by DiagnostX means improved communications and confidence that radios are well maintained and performing properly at all times.  DiagnostX also saves time and money by ensuring that only “sick” radios are brought in for service or repair. Current estimates indicate that 75%-80% of radios brought in for scheduled maintenance don’t require servicing.

Technically speaking, DiagnostX is an advanced radio diagnostic tool that verifies and analyzes the health and performance of a radio on its respective network by capturing the radio’s waveform off the airways.

It monitors factors such as RF frequency offset, RF frequency offset at the start, RF frequency deviation and emission mask conformance to determine whether individual radios or the network is functioning properly and meeting FCC performance requirements. When a problem is found, radios can be scheduled for repair or maintenance.

Recent Beta testing of DiagnostX in Florida with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Collier County government proves that this unique over-the-air diagnostic tool effectively and accurately identifies radios with problems and issues within their radio network.

“DiagnostX performed really well for us during the Beta testing“, says John Daly, Telecommunications Manager for Collier County Government. “Using this technology we were able to track radio performance and take a look at how various departments are maintaining radios across our system. The information we received was valid and valuable. Because it’s non-intrusive, over time, we expect DiagnostX to save us man-hours and dollars. The fact that we can now identify problem radios before they fail could also save lives. It’s a powerful tool,” Daly concludes.

The initial response from government agencies and emergency personnel have been very positive, according to Joseph Rey, Managing Partner of Locus Location Systems, which has applied for the patent for the DiagnostX technology.

“To this point, the industry has had to bring every radio into the shop, which is very costly in time and money since the majority of radios are not in need of calibration,” Rey explains. “Now they can bring in only the ones that need service, which is a tremendous step forward.”

“As we’ve talked to public safety communications personnel during the Beta testing, they are eager for more information. Every communications organization quickly recognizes that this is a big solution to an expensive problem. It’s very exciting,” he adds.

Locus Location Systems is an industry leader in applying TDOA technology in innovative ways to protect law enforcement officers, public safety and public service personnel. Locus’ products include SafePoint Radio Location, a non-GPS radio location system; TrackerX, a geo-mapping application for GPS and non-GPS systems; TrackerXTractor, an advanced retrieval system for geo-mapping applications for GPS and non-GPS systems; and DiagnostX – the first ever over-the-air waveform analyzer.