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Multiple DiagnostX Units in Cobb County Simplify Radio Maintenance

We have been very fortunate to have loyal and great customers, Tracy Roberts among them, since the beginning of our company in 2001.  As the radio system manager for the Cobb County (GA) Department of Public Safety, Tracy was looking for ways to make her job easier and save time, and that’s when she turned to DiagnostX.

In Cobb County, there are six cities that Tracy has to manage, meaning she has quite a few subscriber radios to maintain up to standards.  She originally purchased one DiagnostX system; after realizing its benefits she purchased five more in order to get full coverage of the county. When radios need to be maintained, she lets the subscribers know which ones need servicing and then has them come in for repairs.  Tracy contracts with a service shop to maintain her radios, so using DiagnostX® to identify the small percentage of failed radios helps to significantly reduce those maintenance costs.

Tracy says DiagnostX enhances her view of the subscribers on the radio system.  An Urgent Communications magazine article about DiagnostX from April 2012 quotes her saying, “This information is powerful for managing your fleet of radios by identifying problem subscribers before, or even after, they complain about coverage or other performance abnormalities”.  With the option to troubleshoot complaints with the radio owners, she can chase down the issue right away, saving time and effort.  She also enjoys the ability to access the results from her six DiagnostX® units right at her desk and not have to go out to all the sites to receive information.

With all the positive remarks we get from our customers, it makes us feel good that we are defining our mission statement: help system managers view, analyze and manage their radio inventory across a broad network of independent users, agencies and departments without actually having to touch the radios. If you have any positive feedback or success stories you would like to share with us, feel free to comment below or email us at  We would love to feature you!