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A Way to Improve Mission-Critical Communications During COVID-19

Haven’t had time to bring your radios in for service?

It can be a challenge for public safety and government agencies to maintain their two-way radios on an annual basis, especially given the world’s current situation with COVID-19. LocusUSA has made this process simple for agencies by utilizing a touch-free, over-the-air (OTA), monitoring, and diagnostics solution known as DiagnostX.

Here’s how DiagnostX works:

  • Evaluates all active radios on the system, 24/7, without user intervention
  • Identifies problem and properly functioning two-way radios
  • Reduces the number of radios scheduled for service by as much as 80 percent
  • Determines whether communication problems are with the subscriber radios or the network
  • An essential radio maintenance tool that ensures operational readiness

DiagnostX monitors two-way radios, touch-free from a safe distance providing agencies an affordable solution to two (2) expensive problems facing them today: protecting both public safety responders from the rising costs of maintenance and the elevated risk of a communication breakdown.

No matter where the future of technology leads us, reliable communication will always be a non-negotiable necessity.